Jajah Integration with iPhones: Exploring New Features

While exploring recent tech innovations, I came across an intriguing discussion regarding the integration of Jajah, a novel telephony service, with the iPhone. For those not in the know, Jajah offers a unique method for making both local and international calls at no cost.

Users initiate calls via Jajah’s online platform, which then connects to their personal phone line and subsequently to the intended recipient, seamlessly linking the two calls.

The relevance of Jajah for iPhone users, especially those under AT&T/Cingular’s network, is quite significant. Jajah’s system allows for international calls to be made using local incoming minutes.

This means that when Jajah initiates a call to your phone, it’s treated as an incoming call. Particularly for those subscribed to Cingular’s “Metro Plan”, which includes free incoming calls, this feature could potentially eliminate the use of minutes altogether.

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