iTunes Complete My Album Feature: Why Users Are Declining

Today, Apple rolled out a new initiative in the US iTunes Store named “Complete My Album.” This program allows users who have previously purchased partial albums from iTunes to acquire the remaining songs at a discounted rate. This opportunity is available for up to six months after the initial album purchase.

It seems like a strategic move, but personally, the tracks I skipped were skipped for a reason.

Offering them at a lower price or for a limited duration doesn’t make them any more desirable to me. It’s likely that this scheme is more beneficial to record labels, who prefer album sales, than to Apple, which has traditionally supported the sale of individual tracks.

If this feature isn’t available in your country, feel free to share your location.

Infinite Loop

UPDATE: Appreciate all the feedback from everyone!

While I have no plans to use this feature, for those who find it useful, it’s a practical way to complete music collections while saving some cash.

Whether you pronounce it “to-MAY-to” or “to-MAH-to,” if “Complete My Album” offers you a chance to enhance your music library on the cheap, it’s hard to argue against the value it provides.

Tj Luoma

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