Giant iPhone Display Unveiled at 5th Avenue Store

Last night, a TUAW reader named Andrew visited the 5th Avenue Apple Store and stumbled upon a mysterious, large covered object that seemed to be an iPhone display, slightly visible through its shroud. Despite his attempts to glean more information from the staff, they remained tight-lipped about the display’s contents.

After waiting for the unveiling for over thirty minutes without any change, Andrew left, but not before capturing some exclusive images of the still-covered display.

During his visit, Andrew inquired about the procedure for iPhone sales at the store. A store employee explained that iPhones would not be activated there; instead, customers would need to visit an AT&T store for activation.

This aligns with the information I received earlier from an Apple store employee who was candid about the uncertainty surrounding the sales process, stock availability, and employee training schedules. She speculated that customers might need to commit to a two-year contract with AT&T, although she admitted that the specifics were still unclear.


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