Live Updates from 5th Avenue: News, Events, and More

Our correspondent Mike Rose is on the ground, with transcription support from Erica at the TUAW headquarters. (Apologies for any time confusion; Mike is operating on Eastern Time while I’m on Mountain Time.)

3:58. The scene is chaotic, with spectators and media outnumbering the actual queue. A German fan recognizes Mike’s TUAW shirt.

3:59. The atmosphere is electric as Apple staff make their way to their positions inside the store.

We’re moving the remainder of our liveblog to the next section. Thanks for joining us in this experience!

4:00. The number of camera crews present rivals that of a major political event.

Promoters are busy distributing flyers and setting up PA systems. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation.

4:03. The Apple team emerges, exchanging high-fives with those in line, amidst cheers. It seems they’re all receiving free iPhones, courtesy of Steve Jobs.

4:05. Employees from CBS and the GM building are ending their workday, looking bewildered as they make phone calls to describe the scene.

4:05. “Only in New York!” a passerby comments. Mike disagrees as he points out the bustling scene around the Plaza hotel.

4:07. The first customer exits, triumphantly waving his purchase.

Mike is too far back to reach him for a comment due to the crowd and NYPD presence.

4:09. Mike notes the difficulty of typing rapidly on an iPhone as the crowd begins to disperse slightly. captures the moment on video.

4:11. More shoppers exit, and a police officer reminds the crowd that shopping is an everyday activity, urging them to move along.

4:12. Telemundo reporters arrive on the scene.

4:13. CNBC catches up with a happy new iPhone owner.

4:14. Chaos ensues as media from New Zealand follow another buyer, nearly dropping his new iPhone in the process.

4:16. A crowd gathers to watch the interview with the New Zealand media.

4:18. The queue stretches significantly, snaking past luxury stores and reaching Madison Avenue.

4:19. A peculiar yellow vehicle speeds past as Mike momentarily loses his connection.

4:20. Mike is back online, filming a walkthrough video with those waiting in line.

4:22. The online Apple Store goes offline.

4:25. A TUAW reader points out the irony of CNBC’s live coverage being available only on Windows Media Player.

4:28. The line remains long, with David Pogue giving interviews near the front. Satellite trucks are parked nearby.

4:29. A customer with two iPhones tells Korean TV he feels like he’s won the lottery, while onlookers continue to inquire about the event.

4:30. Nearby, a Starbucks kiosk does brisk business.

4:30. The online Apple Store is set to return at 6 PM PDT.

4:30. Those who have been in line since midnight now have their iPhones and are quickly leaving the area.

4:31. The initial excitement begins to diminish as the event transitions to regular shopping. Photographers edit their shots on Macbook Pros.

4:32. David Pogue showcases his iPhone to the reporters.

4:32. Mike takes a brief break to upload photos.

4:33. Mike enjoys a complimentary coffee as new groups are let into the store every few minutes.

4:34. The queue continues to grow as more people join.

4:35. So far, only one person has recognized the TUAW logo on Mike’s shirt.

4:37. The first unboxing photos appear on Flickr.

4:38. As evening approaches, it grows darker and cooler outside the 5th Ave Apple Store.

4:40. Shawn King, or someone resembling him, gives an interview as rain begins to fall on those still waiting.

4:41. The rain briefly pauses.

4:43. The rain eases to a few drops.


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