Customer Buys iPhone and Finds an Extra $800 Inside

In a recent event at a Texas AT&T store, a young man named Mark made headlines by securing the first spot in line at 6:00 AM on a Friday, aiming to purchase the much-coveted iPhone. His early morning dedication was rewarded not just with the phone, but with an unexpected financial opportunity.

By midday, a woman approached Mark with an offer he couldn’t refuse.

She presented $16,000 in cash, hoping to buy multiple iPhones to resell. Mark agreed to sell his prime position in line for $800.

Unfortunately for her, she was unaware of the store’s policy limiting sales to one iPhone per customer, ultimately spending $1,400 on a single phone, including activation fees.

Mark, on the other hand, not only purchased his iPhone later but also indulged in numerous accessories with his newfound cash. This story serves as a fascinating example of how a blend of early initiative and sheer luck can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Thanks, Marco!

For more details on this intriguing event, Here’s the story.


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