Is Your iPhone Battery a Potential Safety Hazard?

Imagine a scenario not too far in the future, perhaps a year or so from now, where countless iPhone batteries, which are inaccessible to users, start to lose their juice. According to Sheldon Liber from our affiliate Blogging Stocks, around that time, Apple might face a wave of disgruntled customers needing to part with their iPhones temporarily to have their batteries replaced.

Thankfully, there’s already warranty information available, suggesting that this shouldn’t be a concern until next July.

Sheldon overlooks the fact that for an additional $30, you can get a loaner phone. This arrangement should largely mitigate any frustration, providing a buffer during the 3-day replacement period.

However, when considering that a replacement BlackBerry battery can be purchased for under $10, the notion of the “Apple tax” might still not sit well with some users.

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