iPhones Now Support Online Photo Gallery Integration

Today brought an unexpected discovery while I was navigating my iPhone’s photo options. Initially, I had the usual trio of choices: “Use as Wallpaper,” “Email Photo,” and “Assign to Contact.” However, upon checking my phone this afternoon around 4:15 PM Eastern, a new feature mysteriously appeared: “Send to Web Gallery.” This update occurred without any syncing or connections to my computer.

If you haven’t powered your iPhone off and on today, you might want to give it a try.

You could be greeted with a new functionality.

Appreciation to Kit for the tip!

Update: It seems that to utilize this new feature, your iPhone must have a .Mac email account configured. When trying to send a photo to a gallery, the phone prompts for .Mac setup, which currently isn’t available on the .Mac homepage.

It’s possible that having iLife ’08 installed might be necessary.

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