iPhone Native Game ‘Lights Off’: An In-Depth Review

Despite the rapid proliferation of native applications for the iPhone, Apple has not yet provided an official API for developers. Instead, Apple continues to protect AT&T’s network from third-party interference.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t deterred the ambitious and skilled from creating new applications.

The most recent addition is the inaugural fully native iPhone game titled Lights Off. This straightforward game involves turning off a series of lights to progress through levels.

What sets it apart is its seamless integration and aesthetic that matches the iPhone’s native interface, a notable feat compared to earlier, more basic command line apps.

Unfortunately, without Apple’s endorsement, installing Lights Off can be more complicated than necessary. However, the ongoing enthusiasm from developers might just encourage Apple to eventually embrace such innovations.

Be cautious, as this game is offered without any guarantees, and tinkering with your iPhone’s system might be risky if you’re not technically inclined.


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