iPhone Song Sender: Email Tunes and Create Ringtones

With the innovative Song Sender application, iPhone users now have the ability to share their favorite tunes directly from their music library via email, or even set them as ringtones. This handy tool requires installation through your favorite installer application. Once activated, it presents a scrollable list of your music collection.

Simply select a track, and you’re given the options to play it, email it, or save it as a ringtone.

This feature mirrors the sharing capabilities seen in devices like the Zune, albeit with a focus on legal, fair use. It’s important to note that this tool should not be used for piracy. The creators urge users to harness this technology responsibly.

Remember, this software should not replace professional advice from doctors, lawyers, or digital rights groups like the EFF. If you experience any adverse reactions like rashes or swelling, it’s advised to consult a healthcare professional immediately. This tool is brought to you by the creative minds of Eric and his team.


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