iPhone Games: Explore Assassin and 100 More Titles

A reader named Silver recently shared his website dedicated to online web games for the iPhone. Although the site features interactive options like voting and marking favorites, I encountered some technical issues with these functions. Nevertheless, it serves as a comprehensive resource for those interested in exploring the variety of games available for iPhone users.

While browsing the site, I stumbled upon an intriguing game titled iPhone Assassin.

This game offers a unique twist where participants register online and then “assassinate” others by spotting them with an iPhone in public and declaring a “kill”. The website keeps track of the ongoing tally of “kills” and players still in the game.

Admittedly, the concept, while creative, might not resonate well with all, especially considering that not everyone might appreciate being approached by strangers involved in a game. Moreover, the game is not widely recognized among iPhone users, which could lead to confusion and a lack of participants who are in the know.

This could make explaining the game to unsuspecting “victims” a bit awkward and potentially unwelcome.

Despite these challenges, the concept appeals to those with a penchant for quirky and interactive games. It would be interesting to see the game evolve, perhaps incorporating more covert methods of identification among players and utilizing technology like WiFi or Bluetooth to facilitate player interaction. Such enhancements could transform iPhone Assassin into an engaging real-world activity akin to a scavenger hunt.

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