iPhone Launches Overseas, 3G Capability Absent

Despite widespread speculation, the recent announcement by Apple confirmed that the iPhone set to launch on November 9th in the UK and Europe will not feature 3G capabilities. Instead, the model will mirror the US version, offering 8GB of storage and relying on EDGE for connectivity.

This revelation was made during the event which you can read about here.

While there is still time before the launch date, and things could potentially change, the current situation has left many hopefuls on this side of the Atlantic feeling let down.

The pricing strategy is also causing a stir among potential buyers. The iPhone is priced at £269, which is approximately US$538.43 based on current exchange rates.

Additionally, the starting plan costs £35 per month, equivalent to about US$70, and includes “Special Roaming” rates. This has raised questions among consumers, particularly regarding the absence of a prepaid or contract-free option.


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