Ed Burns Debuts Film on iTunes, Advocates for Digital Release of Indie Movies

In a recent dialogue with 411Mania, actor and director Ed Burns shared insights about his new film Purple Violets, which will be available exclusively on iTunes for a month. Burns mentioned that traditional cinema distribution offers were unsatisfactory, leading him to embrace iTunes’ promotional support.

This move might hint at future integrations in Apple’s keynotes, shifting away from typical content like episodes of The Office.

Despite concerns that the film might be less appealing due to its digital-only release, Cinematical has praised it as Burns’ finest work since The Brothers McMullen. Burns himself acknowledges the shift from traditional theater settings to smaller, personal screens is significant, though not necessarily detrimental.

Iconic films have traditionally been viewed in theaters, yet the evolution of digital media suggests a broader acceptance of various formats. Just as digital music has transformed consumer habits, so too might film viewing preferences diversify.

As the landscape of how we consume media continues to evolve, it appears that movie theaters will remain, but the options for how and where we watch films will expand.

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