Decrypted Ramdisks for iPod Touch and iPhone Unveiled

In the immortal words of Professor Farnsworth, “Good news, everyone!” The iPhone/iPod touch development team has successfully decrypted the iPhone 1.1.1 and iPod touch ramdisks. What does this mean for you, dedicated TUAW followers? It signifies that the possibility of free, non-commercial 1.1.1 unlocks is just around the corner, thanks to the efforts of a group of enthusiastic hackers who are dedicating their free time to this cause, without charging a dime.

For the skeptics who wonder if this means potential free, non-commercial bricks with the next firmware update, the commercial SIMFree 1.1.1 unlocks are now on sale.

For those preferring to wait and save between $60-$100, it seems the wait won’t be long.

Update: The team is not only focusing on unlocking but also on unbricking devices, committed to delivering a free and effective solution to the public. They are hopeful that at least a baseband downgrader will be feasible.

They share your frustrations and assure you that your needs have not been overlooked.

Thanks to xorl, mjc, Edgan, netkas, pumpkin, asap18, NerveGas, tE_gU

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