KeyCue 4.0 Update Introduces Clickable Menu Items Feature

In recent updates, KeyCue, a utility designed to assist users in mastering and utilizing keyboard shortcuts within applications, has introduced a notable enhancement in its latest version 4.0. This new feature allows users to interact with menu items directly using their mouse, in addition to the traditional keyboard method.

KeyCue operates discreetly in the background, and upon holding down the ??? key, a bezel display emerges, showcasing all available shortcuts for the current application. This functionality eliminates the need to navigate through extensive menus to locate specific commands.

Priced at approximately €19.99 (~$28), KeyCue offers a demo for potential users to try before purchase.

Additionally, those who have acquired KeyCue within the past two years are eligible for a free upgrade to this latest version.

We have posted previously about the utility of KeyCue and its features, highlighting its utility in streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity by providing quick access to necessary tools.

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