Laptop Batteries Banned from Checked Luggage: Travel Update

If you’re gearing up for a significant journey soon, perhaps to a location known for its misty, undulating terrain, be aware of the latest FAA regulations that kick in from January 1. These new rules impact travelers carrying lithium batteries, like the Li-ion packs used in devices such as the MacBook Pro, which are now banned from checked luggage due to potential fire hazards.

Travelers can still bring up to two spare batteries in their carry-on, provided they are stored in individual clear plastic bags to minimize the risk of a short circuit. For more guidance on packing safely, the FAA offers additional tips.

While these precautions might seem overly cautious, they are designed to ensure safety.

However, if the thought of navigating these rules seems daunting, consider using shipping alternatives to transport your electronics. This can often simplify travel plans and reduce interactions with TSA personnel, which is generally advisable.

[Source: CNET]

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