iTunes Gathers Popular Rock Band Tracks for Users

Ever since its release, I’ve been deeply engrossed in Rock Band, mastering the guitar on expert level and drums on hard—though the bass pedal continues to be my nemesis. Alongside my friends in our band, Fel and the Boatmen, we’ve even progressed to acquiring a jet.

In a delightful twist, iTunes has now aggregated all the Rock Band tracks in one convenient location. However, purchasing the entire collection will set you back $73.26, maintaining a rate of 99 cents per track with no discount for bulk buying.

It’s important to note that the tracks on iTunes may differ from those in the game.

For instance, where the game features cover versions, iTunes offers tracks by the original artists, which may include live recordings that differ from the studio versions used in the game. Additionally, certain tracks like those by Freezepop and Mother Hips, favorites from the game, are available on iTunes but are not included in the game’s official track list.


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