iPhone Parental Controls: Setup and Management Guide

The iPhone Dev Team appears to have discovered an undisclosed feature in an upcoming iPhone software update. This discovery is visually similar to the iPhone SDK “Organizer”, which displays the connected iPhone.

However, the new screenshots reveal additional tabs labeled “Console,” “Crash Logs,” and “Screenshot” at the top of the interface.

The image reveals a “Parental Controls” option within the “General” settings of the iPhone.

It appears these controls allow users to toggle the following settings:

  • Enabling or disabling explicit song playback in iPod

  • Managing website access in Safari

  • Controlling YouTube access

  • Regulating iTunes Wi-Fi Store usage

  • Overseeing AppStore access

A recent discussion on the Modmyifone Forum suggests that this firmware version, initially released with the SDK as version 1.2, might be officially released as firmware 2.0. The post further speculates that this firmware could be jailbroken, though this has yet to be verified.

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