Rogue Amoeba Discusses iPhone SDK and Code Signing

At Rogue Amoeba, Mike Ash has shared a detailed analysis of Apple’s code signing strategy and its implications for the iPhone SDK. His commentary not only echoes the sentiments found across the internet but also adds unique insights, especially concerning the categories of apps that Apple has decided to exclude.

Among the list of prohibited categories—illegal, malicious, unforeseen, privacy, porn, and bandwidth-intensive apps—Ash highlights significant concerns about a few.

He specifically addresses the “porn” category, pointing out that Apple appears to be imposing moral standards on the apps it approves. This decision, while perhaps a conservative and reputation-conscious move by Apple, raises questions about the criteria for determining what constitutes inappropriate content and who decides these standards.

This could lead to intense discussions in the future.

Another intriguing category is “unforeseen,” which gives Apple a somewhat vague authority to potentially expand this list in the future. This approach might be seen as prudent and a way to cover unforeseen issues without making the list overly legalistic (akin to a “License Agreement”).

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