iSepta App Provides Philadelphia Transit Insights for iPhone Users

For those of us who frequently navigate the bustling public transit system of Philadelphia, the introduction of iSepta is a significant boon. As a dedicated Philadelphian and a regular user of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority or SEPTA, I’ve often struggled with their less-than-optimal mobile site. Thankfully, iSepta offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface tailored for iPhone users.

SEPTA operates the Regional Rail, a network of trains linking Philadelphia with its suburban areas.

The iSepta platform simplifies the process of planning your journey on the Regional Rail right from your iPhone, bypassing the need to navigate SEPTA’s traditional website.

Using iSepta is straightforward: you hit the ‘New Trip’ button, input your departure station, and choose your destination. Instantly, the tool displays the next five available trains along with the schedules for weekdays and weekends. It even allows for quick toggling between your departure and arrival points to facilitate return trip planning.

Moreover, iSepta supports SMS queries.

By texting your starting point and destination to iSepta, you receive a text back with the times for the next three trains, enhancing accessibility on the go.

Currently, iSepta’s functionality is limited to the Regional Rail. It doesn’t yet include real-time updates on train cancellations or delays, although future updates will address these features.

As a frequent commuter and tech enthusiast, I find iSepta to be a substantial upgrade over the traditional SEPTA website. It’s become my go-to resource for checking train schedules, whether I’m using my iPhone or working on my Mac.


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