AT&T Delivers Your Plastic Bag: Convenient Solutions

Recently, I took advantage of a special sale by AT&T and bought a refurbished iPhone. The delivery was prompt, with two iPhones arriving at my doorstep within two days. Interestingly, both my bank account and the delivery boxes confirmed the arrival of two identical iPhones.

Opting to keep both, despite knowing about the soon-to-be-released newer model, seemed like a good decision at the time.

The following day, my wife informed me that another, much larger box had been delivered, also from AT&T. The size and the timing were intriguing. When I got home, I found the box, surprisingly light, which reminded me of how often lightweight items can be delightful.

Eagerly, I opened the box with my Swiss Tech Utili-Key to discover its contents.

Inside, the box contained nothing but a packing slip that read: 75011 MISC iPhone PPA BAG … $0.00. Yes, a plastic bag specifically for an iPhone, delivered with urgency. This incident was clearly not an isolated case with AT&T, and it highlights the unnecessary costs of such packing decisions, which are likely reflected in consumer bills.


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