iPhone SDK Beta 6 Release: Explore the Latest Features

Apple has recently rolled out a new update for the iPhone beta, now in its sixth iteration.

Details about the update have not been disclosed by Apple as of yet.

Stay tuned for a liveblog with ongoing updates!

[3:11p EST] The advisory notice has been updated.

[3:12p EST] Introduction of new provisioning.

[3:12p EST] Developers are now required to register their Application IDs to deploy applications on their iPhones.

[3:13p EST] This marks the sixth release of the SDK, identified as release number 9m2192.

[3:14p EST] Updates have also been made to the iPhone firmware, now at release number 5a308.

[3:15p EST] With the new iPhone OS beta 6, developers must create new application IDs and regenerate all provisioning profiles as previous ones are now obsolete.

[3:18p EST] The latest SDK beta mandates that developers use the most recent version of Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.3, which was also released earlier today.

[3:20p EST] Developers can now access the iPhone dev center to download the updated iPhone SDK.

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