iPhone Game Raging Thunder: Exclusive Developer Insights

Recently, TUAW had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Anders Nilsson from Polarbit.com, a European independent game developer. They have successfully adapted their mobile game Raging Thunder for the iPhone, offering it as a complimentary beta version through the Big Boss repository. This game showcases the dynamic and interactive capabilities of the iPhone’s accelerometer, highlighting the device’s potential as a gaming platform.

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Anders, thank you for taking the time to discuss with us at the Unofficial Apple Weblog. We’re thrilled about the iPhone adaptation of Raging Thunder. How is the development progressing?

It’s my pleasure.

I’d like to extend my gratitude to both TUAW and the iPhone community for their incredible support and enthusiasm for our game and our company.

The adaptation is progressing well. We are currently updating the menu system to give it a more contemporary feel, as it appears somewhat outdated in its current form. Additionally, we’re exploring exciting new features to enhance the game’s appeal, such as enabling players to compete against other iPhone users rather than just the AI.

The game effectively utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer. Are there other iPhone features that have influenced the game’s development, and how do they integrate into the software?

Although we develop for all major high-end mobile platforms, such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Brew, we’ve supported features like the accelerometer, touchscreen, and 3D acceleration long before the iPhone’s debut. However, the iPhone excels in how seamlessly these features are integrated, which is expected from an Apple product.

I noticed the game was initially ported to the 1.1.4 jailbreak version.

What are your plans regarding Apple’s 2.0 firmware, and will you continue to support the jailbreak community?

We aim to release Raging Thunder as an official iPhone app to maximize its distribution, including to those who prefer not to jailbreak their devices.

However, the jailbreak community has been invaluable for testing and feedback, and we intend to maintain our presence there.

Raging Thunder has a distinct arcade vibe. What challenges do you face in adapting arcade-style games to a relatively compact platform like the iPhone?

Despite being a mobile device, the iPhone’s screen is relatively large and high-resolution, which, combined with its touch and tilt capabilities, opens up exciting control possibilities. The main challenges in mobile development include limited screen size and control options.

At Polarbit, we’ve developed our own middleware, Fuse, which allows us to support a wide range of platforms from a single source code, including iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Brew, WIPI, and even Nintendo DS. This significantly reduces the costs and complexities associated with porting games across different platforms.

Can we expect any other projects from Polarbit on the iPhone soon?

We plan to bring all our titles to the iPhone in some form. For more details on upcoming releases, visit our website at www.polarbit.com.

We are also developing a major third-party title that is sure to impress once it’s released.

What is the pricing for Raging Thunder, and do you plan to distribute it through the AppStore? Where can our readers find more information about downloading the game?

We are indeed planning to distribute Raging Thunder through the AppStore, although the pricing has not yet been finalized.

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