iPhone 3G Lacks Tethering Capability: What You Need to Know

According to a recent update from iPhone Atlas, AT&T has decided against providing a tethering feature for the upcoming iPhone 3G. Currently, AT&T does allow tethering for several of their 3G devices, enabling these phones to serve as modems for laptops under a specific $65 monthly data plan.

However, an AT&T representative has confirmed that this Phone-As-Modem plan will not be available for the iPhone 3G.

The possibility of tethering had been appealing, particularly because the new 3G iPhone is designed to handle simultaneous data transfer and voice calls. It’s disappointing that AT&T is choosing not to extend this functionality to the iPhone, especially considering it aligns its data plans with those offered for other smartphones like BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.

Are there many out there who would consider paying extra to have 3G tethering capabilities on their iPhone?


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