iPhone Edition: Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Special

For many years, I have been a reader of a print publication dedicated to Windows Mobile technology, known as Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine.

Originally named Pen Computing during the era of the Newton MessagePad and Palm devices, the magazine has adeptly shifted its focus under the guidance of Executive Editor and Publisher Hal Goldstein to stay relevant with current trends.

Interestingly, the magazine has recently included a series of articles on the iPhone, often comparing various Windows Mobile devices like the Sony Ericsson EXPERIA X1 or the HTC Touch Diamond to Apple’s flagship product, speculating on potential “iPhone Killers”.

I was particularly excited to discover that the magazine plans to release a special iPhone edition priced at $14.95 this coming August.

A brief visit to their website revealed that TUAW is listed among the “Best Web Sites” for iPhone, indicating thorough research and dedication to quality content.

The upcoming special edition will likely feature a variety of new products from the App Store and accessories for the iPhone 3G, making it a valuable collector’s item for the future.

As a point of transparency, I have been part of the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine’s Board of Experts for several years, contributing to the evaluation of software for their annual Best Software Awards issue.

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