Tevanian Questions if Microsoft Will Streamline Windows

On a tranquil Sunday afternoon, The New York Times explores the monumental task Microsoft faces if it decides to overhaul its Windows operating system, similar to Apple’s strategy with Mac OS X in 2000.

Avie Tevanian, who previously led Apple’s software development, managed the shift to Mac OS X.

He speculated on whether Microsoft could transition to a streamlined microkernel-based version of Windows, stating, “perhaps, but I don’t know if it has the intestinal fortitude.” This was a subtle jab at Microsoft’s current situation.

In fact, Tevanian was alluding to what the Times described as a period of desperation that Apple experienced just before initiating the Mac OS X project.

It seems Microsoft might not have reached a similar crisis point, which could be why they haven’t considered starting anew.

I once believed that “Windows 7” would mark a departure towards a more compact, less backward-compatible system, yet I was mistaken (as is often the case): “Our strategy with Windows 7 is to continue using the same core architecture as Windows Vista,” commented Bill Veghte, a Microsoft executive.

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