iTunes 7.7 Released, Confirms Remote Control App

The latest version of iTunes, 7.7, is now accessible via software update. The update notes detail that this version allows users to synchronize their music, videos, and more with the iPhone 3G, and to download apps from the iTunes Store that are specifically designed for iPhone and iPod touch running software version 2.0 or later.

Additionally, it introduces a new Remote application for iPhone or iPod touch, enabling users to control iTunes playback remotely from anywhere within their home. This application can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

It would be even more convenient if the App Store offered our free Remote and control download… tap tap tap.

Update: Added a screenshot of the iTunes 7.7 Remote control configuration screen below, though it’s quite basic.

Update 2: Links for direct downloads for both Mac and PC are now live.

Update 3: According to MacRumors, the new update also integrates Nike+ with the iPhone, confirming what has been long rumored.

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