Apple Extends Free MobileMe Trial by One Month

In the UK and other regions (refer to the update below), the issues with MobileMe are still unresolved. According to Infinite Loop, a significant billing error occurred where users were mistakenly charged £121 instead of the standard 50p authorization typically required to set up a trial account.

This error mirrors the type of pre-authorization often seen in transactions like gasoline purchases.

This error has particularly severe implications for those using debit cards, as the incorrect amount was actually debited from accounts. Correcting such an error means that the funds might not be available again for up to a month.

Apple has acknowledged the mistake and is issuing refunds on the credit card charges while also endeavoring to expedite the removal of these holds for debit card users.

As compensation for the inconvenience, affected users will now be able to enjoy four months of the service free of charge.

Update: Feedback from our readers indicates that this issue is also affecting users in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada.

Quite surprising indeed.

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