iPhone Developers Frustrated by Ongoing NDA: TUAW Memewatch

On a bright morning of July 11, the iPhone SDK finally shed its beta status, greeted by the sound of trumpets and the sight of dancing nymphs. The sky was a clear promise of a new beginning. Yet, amidst the celebration, a crowd of disgruntled developers stood, their voices united in frustration, exclaiming, “What about the *@!$%ing NDA?”

While the release fairy had seemingly answered the developers’ prayers, she had overlooked a crucial aspect: the oppressive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that still loomed over the realm of iPhone development from its ominous tower in distant Cupertino.

This meant that developers were still shackled, unable to share the fruits of their labor or discuss their work openly due to the stringent confidentiality clauses. This restriction severely hindered their ability to collaborate and innovate within the platform.

It wasn’t long before the community’s patience wore thin. Shouts of “We’re mad as heck! And we’re not going to take it anymore!” echoed across the digital landscape.

This collective outcry gave rise to Effing NDA.com, a hub for venting frustrations (be warned, the content is NSFW). Developers from every corner, from the mystical Oz to the tech valleys of Silicon Valley, began to voice their discontent loudly on social media.

The conclusion of this modern tech saga remains uncertain. The power to write the final chapter lies with Apple.


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