QuarkXPress 8 Unveiled by Quark: Latest Features and Updates

Whether you adore or detest QuarkXPress (with an intensity akin to a thousand furious suns), Quark has just unveiled QuarkXPress 8. This latest version introduces fresh web development tools, improved workspace features, and refined tools that finally update it to modern standards. Steve Sande previously hinted in May about its arrival, and now it has officially launched.

Quark 8, often likened to William Shatner of the software world (aging, cumbersome, perspiring, and struggling to remain relevant), now enables users to craft web content using HTML and Flash without needing to code. This capability has been part of Quark’s offerings since QuarkImmedia and Quark Interactive Designer, but is now fully integrated into QuarkXPress, much to the dismay of web designers globally.

Additionally, a new measurements palette has been introduced.

Yes, it’s 2008, and they are just now adding a measurements palette. Other updates include support for East Asian languages and hanging punctuation. Impressive, right? Well, perhaps.

Having used QuarkXPress since its third iteration, I briefly experimented with this new release. It’s somewhat sad to see them still attempting to recapture their past prominence.

Many small design firms, freelancers, and print shops have shifted to using InDesign for their layout needs. Indeed, Quark 8 has made significant strides from its predecessors, yet it still falls short of current industry standards.

Quark primarily profits from large-scale deployments in newspapers and magazines. It remains to be seen how swiftly their corporate clients will transition to this latest version. From my experience, many printers, particularly in Asia, continue to use QuarkXPress 6.

A 60-day trial is available for those interested, requiring a hefty download of 517MB.

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