iPhone Developer Tap Tap Tap Unveils Sales Data

John Casasanta, a key figure at the iPhone application company tap tap tap, recently shared the latest sales figures for the period from July 28 to August 3, 2008. Casasanta, who also plays a significant role in MacHeist, is known for his transparency regarding sales data, and his latest disclosure is no exception.

The data, which covers just the last week, reveals some intriguing insights into the performance of their apps on the App Store.

Here’s how their applications fared:

Where to Go (App Store link) achieved sales of 3,193 units at $2.99 each over the seven-day period.
Tipulator (App Store link) sold 353 units at $0.99 each in the same timeframe.

Post-Apple’s commission, tap tap tap’s total revenue for the week was close to $7,000. These figures, while modest, underscore the potential for sustained profitability in the iPhone app market.

This data not only confirms the robustness of the app download metrics but also provides a concrete financial backdrop.

Casasanta also touched on the marketing dynamics for iPhone apps versus traditional software. Initial findings suggest that iPhone apps can be successful with significantly lower marketing investments.


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