Auntie TUAW Addresses App Store Rejection Issues

Hello Auntie TUAW,

I’ve been eagerly following a game set to launch on the App Store called [REDACTED]. It’s frustrating to see Apple approve trivial applications like “I Am Rich,” yet they rejected my app because the toolbar (including tools like a pen and eraser) was positioned at the top, not the bottom of the screen. It’s disheartening, especially since many were looking forward to this app.

It seems absurd that Apple would approve numerous inconsequential apps daily but block a promising one over such a trivial design choice. What’s their rationale?



Dear Travis,

Let Auntie TUAW offer you a refreshing glass of iced tea to cool down from this frustrating rejection during the sweltering summer. Indeed, Apple’s app approval process can seem arbitrary.

You’re not alone in this; just yesterday, I learned about another developer whose app was turned down because it used the phone’s vibration feature in a way that Apple didn’t approve of. They argued that the vibration, intended as an alert, might confuse players into thinking they’re receiving a notification every time their in-game car hits a wall.

However, there’s a silver lining here. You received your rejection before your app was even released.


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