Orange Hires Polish Actors to Queue for iPhone Release

In an intriguing turn of events, the debut of the iPhone in Poland on August 22 will see Orange retail outlets bustling with queues. However, these aren’t just any lines; they’re strategically crafted.

According to Reuters, Orange has employed actors to stand in line at “twenty stores” this Friday to generate buzz. While this might sound bizarre, it’s worth noting that many Americans have previously camped out for a week just to get their hands on the latest iPhone model, and they did so voluntarily.

This tactic by Orange could be an attempt to offset the anticipated tepid response to their expensive subscription plans.

For instance, the basic iPhone package is priced at 195PLN (about $45) per month, offering 150 minutes of talk time and 500MB of data.

Is this a smart marketing strategy or merely an unethical gimmick? Moreover, what will happen when one of these paid actors reaches the front of the line and decides not to make a purchase?

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