Dear Aunt TUAW: What Happened to My Product Transition?

Dear Aunt TUAW:

I was eagerly anticipating some exciting new gadgets at the recent Tuesday event. Wasn’t there supposed to be a groundbreaking announcement that aligned with the ambitious product transition hinted at during the last earnings call? The “Let’s Rock” event didn’t quite deliver that.

Yours truly,

A hopeful yet disappointed nephew

Dear AHDN,

While some might argue that the new, more affordable iPod touch represents the “product transition,” I remain skeptical.

It seems more plausible that we’re in for an October Surprise rather than a September one, especially considering the Apple financials call covered the quarter ending on September 30th.

As Cousin Christina mentioned, “The discussions from Cook and Oppenheimer hinted at something more significant than just a cheaper iPod touch—it sounded like a completely new product.” Echoing her thoughts are Step-Brother Mike and Family Friend Dave, who believe the real revelation is still on its way.

Uncle Victor suggests that Apple’s strategy might involve using an iPod event to regenerate interest, setting the stage for a more dramatic announcement the following month.

Could it be the iPhone HiFi? Possibly!

Do I have insider information on what’s coming? Unfortunately, no. While I’d love to see a Mac touch tablet, it’s more likely we’ll see updates to the laptop lineup or perhaps a new path for the Mac Mini—unless Cousin Steve decides to phase it out entirely.

Given the extensive leaks before Tuesday’s event, let’s keep our ears open for any whispers about an October surprise.

Warm regards,

Auntie TUAW

p.s. Cousin Cory sends his regards!

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