Discovering Flickr: A Showcase of iTunes Genre Icons

It seems I might have overlooked a feature in iTunes 8 until Derek B. highlighted it. The application allows users to sort their music collection in Grid view by genre, complete with visually appealing icons for each music category.

The icons for Blues and Jazz are particularly striking, with a subtle homage to Blue Note Records. Each icon encapsulates the essence of its genre in a colorful little box.

However, the vast diversity of music genres means not all can be represented by pre-existing icons. To address this, Derek B has initiated a Flickr group to create icons for lesser-known genres.

Swapping out icons is a breeze, thanks to simple steps and there’s even an app that facilitates this customization. If a genre lacks an icon, iTunes will display album art instead, and users can browse through albums just like in iPhoto. This quirky addition to iTunes might seem superfluous, but aligning these icons now could enhance user experience in the future.

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