SCOTTEVEST Woz-i-sodes: Exploring Found Footage Series

It seems that Steve “The Woz” Wozniak, the legendary co-founder of Apple, has found a quirky new pastime. He’s starring in a series of online commercials for SCOTTEVEST, a brand known for its tech-friendly apparel designed with numerous pockets and cable management systems.

So far, two episodes featuring Wozniak have been released on the SCOTTEVEST website.

The first, dubbed “Return of the Woz,” casts him as Lord Dirth Wozniak, while the second, “A Fish Story,” shows him cleverly using a 1G iPod nano as a fishing lure. Both episodes prominently showcase SCOTTEVEST’s range of products.

New episodes, affectionately called Woz-i-sodes, are scheduled to be released weekly.

This series not only offers a great opportunity to start ticking off items from your holiday shopping list but also provides some light-hearted entertainment. Click here to check out these engaging videos.

Special thanks to Kevin for the heads up!


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