Exploring iPhone 2.2: Street View and Safari Features in Pictures

In a recent development, a source shared new screenshots with us, showcasing updates to the Maps and Safari apps on the upcoming iPhone firmware version 2.2. This follows our recent article detailing some of the expected features.

Apple is enhancing its revenue opportunities by integrating a Google search bar alongside the address bar in Safari.

Unlike the previous version, where the search bar appears only after activating the address field, it now remains visible.

Additionally, the integration of Google Street View is confirmed, albeit with a functionality similar to what’s seen on Android devices. By tapping an icon shaped like a human torso, users can switch to Street View, enabling them to navigate through panoramic views using touch gestures.

According to our source, this feature operates noticeably faster than in the previous firmware, offering a smoother user experience.

Another useful feature soon to be introduced in Maps is the “Share Location” button. This function creates an email with an embedded link to your location, simplifying the process of meeting up with friends.

We’re always looking for more insights and screenshots, so if you have any, feel free to send them our way.

Update: To clarify earlier confusion regarding the “torso” icon, we’ve added a new image to our gallery for better understanding.

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