Apple Enables Developers to Distribute Promo Codes

Apple has introduced a new feature for developers on the App Store allowing them to distribute promo codes for free app downloads. Previously, developers had to distribute a special Ad-hoc version of their app, which included both a mobile provisioning file and the app itself, and these files had to be manually installed via iTunes.

This older method restricted developers to only 100 app giveaways and required recipients to provide their UDID for installation. The new system simplifies this process by allowing developers to issue a code that users can redeem directly in the iTunes Store’s “Redeem” section to download the app for free or at a promotional rate.

However, there are limitations to this new method:

  • Developers can issue up to 50 promo codes per app version.

  • The promo codes are currently only valid in the US iTunes Store.

This update should bridge the gap for developers seeking reviews and users looking to access new apps. Apple’s initiative is a welcome improvement.

[via MacRumors]

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