App Store Sees Surge in Downloads from Christmas iPhone and iPod Gifts

Welcome back to The Obvious News. In today’s coverage, we continue to confirm that the sky is indeed still blue. Our correspondent, Chip Thompson, will provide an in-depth analysis shortly.

But first, let’s delve into something equally unsurprising: a significant uptick in App Store downloads following a surge in iPhone and iPod touch sales over the holiday season. This boost in downloads is being echoed by developers, publishers, and various online metrics, including browser reports and search queries, indicating that downloads have tripled or even quadrupled.

John Sargent from The Obvious Institute shared his thoughts on this phenomenon: “iPod touches aren’t much fun without apps. It seems logical that new owners are eager to load up their devices with apps.” Thanks for that groundbreaking insight, John.

Our tech analyst, Ms. Common Sense, added, “Whenever Apple experiences a spike in device sales, it’s natural for the App Store to see a corresponding increase in activity soon after.”

In other news from The Obvious News, it turns out that excessive meetings could indeed make you grumpy. Stay tuned for more details after the break.

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