Buy Sketches Online: Exclusive Sale Until December 31

The popular iPhone and iPod touch application for drawing, Sketches, initially offered a holiday discount that has now been extended until the end of December. This extension allows more users to enjoy drawing directly on their devices.

As reviewed by TUAW, Sketches is not just a playful app for children but also serves as a practical tool for quick sketches and photo annotations.

It features a variety of pre-set shapes, allows for the integration of photos or maps as backgrounds, and includes an eraser tool. It offers a drawing experience paralleled only by devices like the Newton MessagePad.

Interestingly, the creator plans to bring his MP2100 to the upcoming Macworld Expo.

Since its debut in July, Sketches has been a top choice in the App Store. Currently, in its 1.4 version, the app usually retails for US$4.99 / €3.99 but is now available at a 60% discount, priced at US$1.99 / €1.59.

Jorge Llubía, a founding member of LateNiteSoft, has announced that following the 1.5 update, Sketches 2.0 is set to launch with significant enhancements.

Michael Rose

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