Did This Year Feel Longer Than Usual to You?

Interestingly, the year 2008 will extend by an extra second beyond the typical duration, not just because it’s a leap year but also due to the addition of a leap second by scientists to account for the Earth’s slowing rotation.

This adjustment is scheduled to occur at the very beginning of the new year, according to Universal Time.

This will be automatically updated across various platforms including GPS devices, Internet time servers, and radio time signals globally.

There’s ongoing debate regarding the necessity and impact of these time adjustments, with numerous proposals advocating for the abolition of the leap second.

For tech enthusiasts, it’s reassuring to know that devices like Macs and modern Windows computers are programmed to handle this change seamlessly.

They will automatically adjust by adding the necessary second when required.

It’s crucial to ensure that your devices are using an Internet time server to set the date and time automatically, a feature typically enabled by default in OS X.


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