Apple Appoints Mark Papermaster as Senior VP of Devices Hardware Engineering

Today, Apple revealed that Mark Papermaster is set to join the company as the Senior Vice President of Devices Hardware Engineering starting April 24th. He will oversee the engineering teams responsible for the iPod and iPhone.

Previously, Papermaster was at the center of a legal dispute with IBM, which argued that his move to Apple could potentially lead to the disclosure of IBM’s proprietary information. The lawsuit was eventually settled, with IBM stating to CNET:

“IBM and Mr.

Papermaster have now agreed on a resolution of the lawsuit under which Mr. Papermaster may not begin employment with Apple until April 24, 2009, six months after leaving IBM, and will remain subject thereafter to all of his contractual and other legal duties to IBM, including the obligation not to use or disclose IBM’s confidential information.”

Apple began its pursuit of Papermaster in 2008, culminating in his acceptance of what he described as “the opportunity of a lifetime.” We wish him all the best in his new role.

[Via Daring Fireball]


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