iPhone Update: New Models, Background Tasks in June

Recent whispers from an Emirates Telecom/Etisalat official suggest that we might anticipate the arrival of a new iPhone model as early as June. Although the information was not directly linked to Mark Davis, the iPhone program director at Etisalat, a statement in the report indicates that “the upcoming version of the device, expected in June, will also be available in the UAE simultaneously.” Market analysts had previously projected a new iPhone release for the first half of the year.

[Via AppleInsider.]

In related news, Nokia is gearing up to launch new smartphones equipped with touch technology, enhanced 3G capabilities, and multimedia features in an effort to reclaim its position in the mobile market. The upcoming models, known as “IP08” and “Eitri,” will include touch functionality, though it remains to be seen if they will challenge Apple’s claims on multi-touch gesture patents.

Notably, the “Eitri” model is rumored to include haptic feedback. [Via Electronista.]

Additionally, there’s buzz from MacRumors.com about Apple’s plans to replace the currently absent Push Notification System.

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