AT&T Rumored to Offer Unsubsidized iPhone Options

If you’re in the market for an iPhone but dread the idea of a long-term commitment, there’s potentially good news on the horizon. According to information obtained by The Boy Genius from an AT&T training session, starting March 26, AT&T plans to sell the iPhone 3G at no-commitment prices to its existing customers.

The 8GB model will be priced at $599 and the 16GB at $699.

However, this offer might not be as tempting as it sounds. The devices are expected to remain tethered to the AT&T network, and the deal is only available to current AT&T subscribers, with a limit of one device per active line.

This might appeal to specific buyers like seniors who prefer no contract hassles or businesses looking for a straightforward purchase, but for the average consumer, it’s generally more economical to buy the phone with a contract if they intend to use network services.

It seems AT&T might also be preparing for new iPhone hardware and is looking to clear existing inventory by targeting those willing to pay a premium for a no-contract phone.

[Source: Engadget]

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