Star Trek Prequel Set to Launch on iPhone Platform

If you’re a die-hard fan eagerly anticipating the upcoming Star Trek film and don’t mind a few spoilers, keep reading. However, if you prefer to experience the movie without any prior knowledge, it might be best to check out another article.

It seems that J.J.

Abrams has collaborated with comic book artists to create something quite unique—a prequel to the prequel, which will be available on smaller screens before hitting the cinemas. They’ve developed a series of iPhone apps that serve as “mini-comics.” These comics delve into the backstory of the film’s narrative.

Here’s where it gets a bit complex: the film, which is a prequel featuring younger versions of Kirk and Spock, includes a villain who is a time-traveler from the era of Star Trek: TNG. Interestingly, the iPhone comics feature Picard and the TNG crew and explore the backstory of Nero, the Romulan antagonist.


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