Review of Daylite 3.9, Daylite Server & Daylite Touch

Recently, Marketcircle has introduced a significant upgrade to their renowned business productivity tool, Daylite, elevating it to version 3.9. This update is not just a minor enhancement but a substantial overhaul that includes the launch of Daylite Server and Daylite Touch, extending Daylite’s functionality to iPhone and iPod touch users.

This Sunday, April 19th, at 10 PM EDT, Marketcircle’s CEO Alykhan Jetha, also known as A.J., will be featured on the TUAW Talkcast. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn more directly from the CEO and ask any questions about Daylite.

Previously, Daylite utilized OpenBase as its database engine. With the update to 3.9, the application has transitioned to using PostgreSQL, enhancing its speed and responsiveness.

The Daylite suite, which includes Daylite Mail Integration, is available for a 30-day free trial, and the application costs US$189 per license.

Daylite serves as a centralized hub for managing contacts, organizations, projects, tasks, calendars, and more, linking all pieces of information seamlessly. As an Apple Consultant, I use Daylite extensively to manage client interactions and project details efficiently.

Marketcircle offers a variety of project templates tailored to different industries such as software development, film, real estate, and more. These templates are customizable to fit specific workflows.

The Daylite Productivity Suite’s Mail Integration feature is crucial for my workflow, capturing every client email within Daylite for easy access and organization.

While Daylite is comprehensive, some users find it has a steep learning curve. However, Marketcircle provides Daylite video tutorials to help users become proficient with the software.

Another comparable application is Contactizer Pro, but Daylite generally outperforms it in usability and functionality for larger teams.

One common issue with Daylite is its syncing process, which can sometimes lead to duplicate entries.

This is a known challenge with many apps that sync with Apple’s native programs.

Daylite can also integrate with other applications like Billings, Lightspeed POS, FileMaker Pro, and MoneyWorks, enhancing its utility for business management.

Daylite Server now offers a dedicated server application, improving setup and management for multi-user environments. It includes features like license management, external access setup for mobile devices, and scheduled database backups.

Daylite Touch, the mobile counterpart, is designed to maintain the robust functionality of Daylite on iPhone and iPod touch devices. It features a user-friendly interface with essential tools for managing projects, contacts, and schedules on the go.

Despite its high cost, Daylite Touch is a valuable tool for professionals who need to manage their business remotely. An annual license for syncing with Daylite Server costs US$49.99 per iPhone.

In conclusion, Daylite offers unparalleled tools for managing business operations efficiently, whether for individual professionals or larger organizations.

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