Laptop Hunter Ads Make a Comeback: What You Need to Know

Microsoft continues its persistent marketing efforts. The latest Laptop Hunter ad [YouTube link] introduces Sheila, who is on the hunt for a laptop suitable for video editing with a budget of $2000.

While one might assume a MacBook Pro would be her choice, she opts for an HP HDX 16t instead.

She rejects the Mac due to its lower RAM of 2 GB compared to the HP’s 4 GB of DDR2 RAM, which is slower. Additionally, she ends up with a display resolution of 1366×768, less than the MacBook Pro’s 1440×900.

Furthermore, she’s stuck with Windows Movie Maker instead of iMovie, and lacks the ability to use Final Cut Pro or Express, which could be essential for her professional growth.

Microsoft’s advertising strategy, crafted by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, emphasizes affordability over quality and features. Amidst economic downturns, there’s speculation that Apple may introduce more cost-effective options.

Interestingly, the ad agency behind these Microsoft commercials predominantly uses Macs themselves.


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