Latest Rumors: 10.5.7 Update, 3G Laptops, Parental Controls

Here’s the latest scoop from the tech world’s rumor mill! While many are focused on Amazon’s event, which seems like a nod to Apple’s iconic presentations (and yes, the Kindle DX is already available), let’s dive into the ongoing buzz from the last few days.

Kara Swisher of AllThingsD provides a detailed analysis of the recent Apple/Twitter acquisition rumors. She suggests that while Apple and Twitter might be in discussions, they are just one of many potential partnerships being explored, with a chaotic conclusion likely.

According to Mac|Life, which references an internal Apple source, the new 10.5.7 update could drop this Friday.

However, 9to5Mac argues that Friday seems an unlikely release day. Interestingly, Apple has reportedly increased support staff in Austin, possibly in preparation for the release.

Further rumors from 9to5 and Computerworld include a now-removed Apple job listing for a 3G WLAN specialist, hinting at future MacBooks with integrated 3G wireless.

This speculation gains some weight considering the expertise already present within Apple’s iPhone team. [H/T to the Monitor]

In other news, Apple has rejected the Newspaper app by Makayama for the iPhone because it provided access to content from the UK Sun tabloid, similar to the controversy surrounding the Craigslist app.


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