Apple Now Sells iPhone 3G Online: Order Your Device Today

For those eager to get their hands on an iPhone 3G, Apple has reintroduced an online purchasing option, a service that was discontinued with the launch of the 3G model. Previously, AT&T had reinstated this service in December, and now Apple has followed suit.

New customers can now enjoy the convenience of activating their service and having their new iPhone delivered directly to their homes via Apple’s online store.

However, existing AT&T subscribers are required to reserve their new iPhones online and then collect them in person from an Apple Store.

From personal experience last month, I learned that having existing customers physically pick up their devices can be beneficial. When I went to retrieve my new iPhone 3G, I discovered an issue from when I bought my first iPhone in November 2007—it hadn’t been properly registered in the system. This error almost led to me being charged the full price instead of the subsidized upgrade rate.

Fortunately, a quick visit to the nearby AT&T store resolved the issue. The staff there were able to retrieve my original purchase details and correct the system error, confirming my eligibility for the upgrade. This kind of issue is often more quickly and effectively resolved in person rather than over the phone.

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