Layar App Brings Augmented Reality to Android and iPhone 3G S

If you’ve tuned into the Copper Robot broadcast recently or caught any of our latest talkcasts, you might have listened to extensive discussions about the potential of the iPhone 3G S for augmented reality applications. Following the impressive demonstration of compass-enhanced Google Street View on the Android Dream, the inclusion of a magnetometer in the 3G S, which enables the device to detect its directional orientation in the real world, has sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts for innovative heads-up displays and interactive world views.

It’s happening, everyone. As reported by 9to5Mac, the Layar application developed by Dutch company SPRXmobile is set to bring Android devices into the futuristic realm of augmented reality when it launches later this month.

Simply point your phone down the street to discover available real estate, locate bars with happy hour deals, or find the closest ATM. An animated overlay updates in real time with your camera’s view, providing a dynamic and interactive experience. It’s a challenge to put into words, so I’ve included a video later in this post to showcase the technology.

The previously-announced Wikitude app also offers a similar augmented reality feature for travel guides on Android.

The team at IntoMobile has thoroughly reviewed Layar and were quite impressed by its capabilities. I’m eager to see this app, or similar ones, make their way to the App Store. Integrating social networking features from platforms like Brightkite or foursquare could make this a must-have for iPhone users, though they’ll need to watch out for obstacles while engrossed in their augmented surroundings.

[via MacRumors]

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