Sirius XM App Launches on the App Store for Download

In line with anticipations, Sirius has launched a new iPhone/iPod touch application, available at no cost for those with an online subscription. The Sirius XM [App Store] app boasts a selection of 120 channels.

Although the iTunes description does not confirm the inclusion of Howard Stern, it doesn’t deny it either, leaving some room for speculation.

The application not only streams music but also offers the functionality to buy tracks directly from the iTunes store. Users can also personalize their experience by setting up favorite channels.

The app is compatible with OS 2.2.1 and has been tested on the newly released iPhone/touch 3.0 software.

Both Sirius and XM subscribers can navigate the channel lineup, and Sirius is currently promoting a 7-day free trial for those not yet subscribed, providing an opportunity to sample the service. The introduction of this app has been long-awaited since the announcement of the iPhone, marking a significant evolution in how satellite radio is consumed—shifting from traditional satellite receivers to integration with Apple’s devices.

Enjoy your listening experience.


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